SELWO ADVENTURE opened the 2015 season on Tuesday 17 with new proposals in this unique park, where wildlife, nature and adventure take the lead and offer visitors a great adventure in Africa. Lions, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, hyenas, cheetahs, different antelopes… are all part of its wildlife.

This season, the elephant territory has refurbished its spectacular enclave, expanding the elephant pool, incorporating new enhancing elements, shade… The lookout at the Selwo Adventure lion territory has been remodelled and now visitors can view the African king of the jungle closer than ever.  Lots of new areas have been introduced, the habitat for farm species, together with the other proposals tailor-made for the youngest visitors like the mini farm with native species such as the Grazalema lamb, the Iberian pig or the Payoya ram and the goat territory.

Our Camps include new proposals this season such as Weekend Family Camps, aimed at parents and children to be held throughout the 2015 season. Our Day Camps for children over 5 offer fun activities like animal face painting, new gymkhanas, Serengeti Safari, novel pool games and the big end of season party.

Selwo Adventure presents visitors with a spectacular expedition through the territories that will transport them to Africa and come face to face with its most distinctive species. Lions, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, hyenas, cheetahs, different antelopes… are all part of its wildlife.

Among the adventure activities on offer in the park are three spectacular hanging bridges, dromedary rides, archery and jumping.  Activities and exhibits include the Meet the Keeper program, educational and fun talks on the different species such as lions, cheetahs, elephants and hyenas and interactions with the goats.

The diverse interaction programs of Unique Experiences offer a fascinating world of sensations that transport you to Africa, with proposals such as the innovative Serengeti Safari or the Obama Vip Visit, named after the excursion that the Obama family took through the park in 2010.

You can extend your stay at the Selwo Lodge, the exclusive Selwo Adventure hotel, set up as Watu and Masai villages with 23 cabins that reproduce the typical buildings of the African continent. They are each equipped with all the conveniences of comfortable accommodation with double rooms, TV, bathroom and air conditioning.

The Selwo Adventure Nature Classrooms and Camps offer innovative environmental activity programs for the youngest visitors, aimed at promoting respect for nature and wildlife. The Classroom and Camps are in the Kenya and Zulu Villages, two options where you can stay for several fun-filled days at Selwo Adventure.